truths worth recognising

Zest Wealth has come to believe that some things in the arena of financial advice are truths worth recognising.

  1. Truth on your current position – is your balance sheet balanced?
  2. Truth on your future contribution to wealth – your ability to generate income is the most powerful influence you have over your wealth
  3. Truth on the market contribution to wealth – it’s not as powerful as you think
  4. Truth on the use of wealth in retirement – people don’t spend their capital, they modify or reduce their lifestyle
  5. Truth about your appetite for risk – you need to assess your risk profile and its impact on your balance sheet
  6. Truth that retirement is something that happens to everyone – whether you have sufficient assets to enjoy that chapter of life, or not, is what you need to address early. But the truth is, it happens.

At Zest Wealth we look beyond that surface to the truth that lies beneath.



Wealth is a journey, not a destination.