Our process

The first step we take is to determine your past and present position.

We work with you to gather all the facts and data, and to clarify what you want to achieve.

Our process follows a comprehensive range of enquiry that includes:

  1. Understanding the context around what we are building and what we are building on.
  2. Capturing the complete value of your endeavours - this can be your invested capital or your human capital value or a combination of both. It’s the contribution that you make or have made to your wealth through your income, earnings and personal endeavour.
  3. Reviewing your tax structure, debt and financial obligations and your budget to ensure everything is working together efficiency to ensure opportunities are maximised and nothing is wasted.
  4. Putting in place a framework and process for your planned success.
  5. Implementing a strategy to facilitate you to be more efficient and effective in building your wealth.
  6. Collaborating with your other advisers, accountants and solicitors, to ensure they are across your whole financial strategy.

…For many planners this is the end of the process. At Zest Wealth this is just the beginning



Wealth is a journey, not a destination.